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Forever Chuck Scenes, the latest episode of the Chucks and LA Culture, continues to capture young people's courageous and courageous attitude towards life. The winning producer Karim Huu directed by Do, the California Long Beach city hosted by singer and fashion leader Vince Staples, will lead the audience into the Losangeles cultural world, and to explore the effect of Chuck Taylor on the street fashion and hip-hop music. films examines Losangeles's youth culture and explains why music and fashion play such an important role. In addition, the Losangeles Lakers' Jordan Clarkson and Born x Raised founder Spanto also received an exclusive interview, published wonderful comments and opinions. the Youth Cultural Revolution has surpassed the West Bank of the United States, and the Losangeles culture plays an important role in this area, from fashion to music. Chuck Taylor is a spokesman for the disadvantaged in Losangeles and around the world, a spokesman for resistance to the status quo, and for individualism, and is therefore part of cheap jordans for sale mens the cultural movement. "Converse marketing chief, Julien Cahn, says. Forever Chuck Scenes film to explore the multicultural environment by the classic Chuck Taylor effect, the new film series focusing on the spirit and the life attitude of young people to bold, this is the past, now, and where the soul of future Converse lovers. and the new LeBron 9 "What The LeBron" pictures circulated on the Internet, but with the publication of LeBron X, even earlier exploration shoe has taken the lead in the published NIKE LEBRON X United We + USA Rise version details, "The LeeBron" is a special version of What is a specific person in order to get the or in the LeBron X before officially listed to give you a surprise, it can only be left to the time that the source: [email protected]NIKEiD recently once again for the championship to Kyrie Irving signature shoes Kyrie 2 open new options, according to foreign reports pointed out that the inspiration comes from KI's father, Drederick Irving, such cooperation is actually quite interesting. In ad Cheap air jordan 12 ovo dition to the previously introduced shoe body block can freely choose color creation, this time will be extended to the design focus in the shoe in the midfoot strap system in a way, careful observation can be found in these special patterns with KI and LOGO in the basketball pattern, form a distinctive style is very unique. This option has been opened for production at, and interested candidates can start their own shopping channels and, of course, welcome to share your customized color with us! source: was previously unable to start LUNAR FORCE 1 FUSE Global Limited global limited white paragraph feel distraught? The upcoming release of the FORCE 1 FUSE QS double LUNAR is the best choice to collate shoe, the way to sell below the announced dealer link in Facebook, hoping to help you start planning the trip, of course there will be some department store sale, also please call inquiry, this article issued after no longer updated, all the way to sell the actual mechanism and location please store transaction a cheap jordan shoes for men nnouncement. adidas will be a new batch of young and light force players to launch exclusive Crazy 97 color, which is a pair of John Wall exclusive of the Washington Wizards in the original color, No. 8 developing part into Wall 2, and the blue, red and grey alternate interpretation of a new style. source: Sole Collector FENTY PUMA last year after the 2016 winter series, singer Rihanna a.k.a 'RIRI' blend of Western and Oriental baroque style of Japanese street culture, design patterns this year continue the combination of things, in eighteenth Century the French romantic tone in detail at the China wind added ingenuity, so you can see the Chinese Embroidery Flower in elegant lace vest, conflict with atmosphere not only in the style of the different kinds of different tonal color also create opposition of the United States, pink and olive green and white the room, but also used to describe RIRI but no sense of violation, and sometimes lovely and forthright personality, as FENTY PUMA By Rihanna 17? A series of spring and summer. l Cheap air jordans for sale ast year, Footwear News abroad PUMA Rihanna Creeper as "best shoes in 2016", continued this momentum, this year's spring and summer, Badgirl also brings us three pairs of new shoes. Is already almost will launch quarterly slippers, but always in the difference, given the variation of material at the slipper, bring a surprise, this also add Retro Running Shoes options, and based on the Trinomic transformation, less shoelace system is simple and elegant, more in line with the performance requirements of comfort and leisure. The last part of the high-heeled shoes, in addition to integration of binding elements, special tying method should also design creative license Rihanna bold. FENTY PUMA By Rihanna 17 spring and summer series of shoes in Taiwan in March 9th and the global simultaneous release, with sales information and store can refer to previous reports or contact the station? PumaSelectTW? Fans, and clothing and accessories that will be available in April. FENTY, PUMA, By, Rihanna, 17SS, show, reality. source: Politics / Highsn cheap jordans online obiety / ELLENike Free Mercurial Superfly HTM last month without warning after the sale immediately sold out instantly, so many prospecting shoe very disappointing, this pair of football boots Nike Mercurial derived from Superfly to determine the heavyweight work will be in this weekend with the World Cup finals launched second colors, unlike black color low-key introverted, bright the eye-catching yellow fluorescent version is energetic, more avant-garde sense. Free Mercurial Superfly HTM "Volt" will be sold in the United States on July 12th, in the world's six NikeLab stores and sales, please make ready to rush (laugh). source: Nike, Inc. / HIGHSNOBIETYThe ocean accounts for 70% of the total area of the earth, and is the birthplace of countless lives and impacts on the global climate. However, marine ecological environment pollution has become an important issue that can not be ignored. Adidas has joined the marine environmental group Parley since 2015, hoping to wake up society's attention to marine pollution. Retro jordans for sale In order to improve the pollution problem, Adidas continuously for ocean sound, the new UltraBOOST Parley series of shoes through the recycling of waste plastics in the sea made global environmental protection shoes with the one and only exclusive technology, with practical action to protect the environment and improve the pollution problem. Adidas UltraBOOST x sustainable concept, Parley series of shoes at 95% and 5% Recyclable marine plastic waste polyester fibers, each pair is used 11 bottles of material, shoes, shoes and insole fabric are also using recycled materials. Color as a symbol of a sea of blue color presents the sea quiet, heel is a continuation of blue line, outline the natural rhythm like waves on the surface of the. adidas, UltraBOOST, Parley, Adidas, UltraBOOST, X, Parley, Adidas,, UltraBOOST, Uncaged, Parley adidas UltraBOOST x Parley series shoes will be on sale in May 10th. Detailed information please contact the adidas shop sale running fans. shoes model: BB4762 official price: $6500 sale size: UK7-12 shoe t cheap jordans for sale ype: BY3057 official price: $7000 sale size: UK7-11.5 shoe type: BB1978 official price: $6000 sale size: UK4.5-6.5& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] earnings growth for five consecutive years, Adidas is now the "Road to 2015 Road," the final stage. High Skyline director of Adidas Group, general manager of Greater China, told Beijing Daily reporter said that four years ago, the brand's commitment to strategic investment, reconstruction of retail, store expansion plans can make a hook. However, this does not mean that Adidas will begin in China's smooth sailing, stand up from the trough of the success of Adidas hopes to revive its influence in the sports field. expand the future of cities Save inventory and other closed shop different brands, in this round of industry downturn, the Adidas remains a not low speed shop. "Since we are & quot; road to 2015 of & quot; strategy undertaken since Adidas in China added as much as 2,000 stores, mostly in lower-tier cities." To the four-tier cities and ev cheap foamposites en county-level cities and other lower line The city is a way to expand the brand all resistance movement slow growth, but high Skyline prefer these cities called the "city of the future." "If called small cities or non-tier cities, there are some negative sense, so we called the city of the future." According to its disclosure, Adidas in 2014 in the newly opened store situated next to the city's shops accounted for 50%. Compared with the previous second-tier cities in a shop, the shop in the city of the future need to be more cautious, which is "the road leading to the 2015" strategy in 15 modules one aspect, retail expansion module. Skyline High said that before any one place to shop, including franchise stores open before we will do a very rigorous investigation, then we will make an assessment, that sales per square meter can achieve much. For Adidas, the majority of the future layout of the city through the dealers to achieve, so there are 15 modules in three auto capacity for growth module. High Skyline presentation, "Now we Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping can get from 80% of store sales data the day, including gender and product and consumer price they choose. About 5% -20% of the major distributors of orders by our procurement, packaging send to the warehouse. " segmentation of retail outlets In the "Road towards 2015" program in the newly opened shop in 2000, there are some different from the traditional store segmentation shop. These are Chinese consumers to create customized consumer experience including the world's most advanced Adidas Brand Center, Women's footwear specialty stores and franchise stores. "At the end of 2014, we have covered 2,279 cities in China more than 1,000 seats in the Chinese market, we now have more than 8,000 stores, shops and many kind of form." Skyline high that in the past In three or four years, Chinese consumers have more choice and self-demand segments, increasing segmentation model stores, so that different store formats can adapt to different consumer tastes and consumer preferences. For example, women's specialty stores mainly for relativel Retro jordans for sale y high-end female consumers, 50% of the store portfolio is, and Stella McCartney by adidas and Stella & quot; s sport such relatively high-end brand, which specializes in women's health advocate for regular healthy living consumers. Meanwhile, the shop also subdivided according to their flagship product positioning in different urban sprawl. "Sports performance series is from the front line to five lines and six-tier cities will open, Original sports classic series is part of a second-tier and third-tier cities to open the women's stores mainly in the line as well as higher consumption of second-tier cities to open." High Skyline revealed that from the second half of 2014 to the first half of 2015, these two forms of Homecourt and Neighbourhood of shops are large areas in China. In addition, in the hope China 15-16 largest cities to build the city's flagship store. revive sports status volume terms, broken down more than 80 stores currently only occupy 1% ratio. Skyline subdivision shop for high requirements is that "if there is no such breakdown shop, customers will go to other brands to the consumer, the presence of these stores allow them to stay with us, so broken shop on our profits contribution is gradual. " This also means broken shop just let consumers continue to generate interest into the Adidas store, the business performance now or "green." Last year, Adidas Greater China reached 10% growth rate, growth in the fourth quarter reached 11%, which is the fifth consecutive year Adidas growth. High Skyline believes that "in fact, we are using two brands NEO Original and Chinese consumers continue to seize the opportunity to grow and mature." Many industry insiders believe that growth in the adidas performance stems from its entertainment and leisure, rather than its essence as a professional sporting goods. And now, about to reach "Gateway 2015" in the end, from the trough of a successful stand Adidas hopes to revive its influence in the sports field. "By 2015 we will launch a new global project - campaign to promote the project, through this project we hope to continue to build Aspen Das position as a sports brand, Original and women NEO products and outdoor sports products are now growing rapidly in category, but our core business of 70% -80% or sports, including soccer, basketball, and running. " However, this depends on whether consumers buy high Skyline, said the challenges in the Chinese market is the consumer's change too fast, China geopolitical vast, so very different consumers, there is no way to use the same approach to address consumer demand in different cities, especially in the world's increasingly common when shopping, how to ensure consumer satisfaction with products and services remains a challenge Adidas the next five years. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Danby Merino fast fashion & nbsp; Four Seasons Bear shoes.)Before the start of the new season NBA Adidas, according to the plan for Ross to launch a new generation of personal signature boots Adidas Rose 3, also released Ross's personal Logo. Because Ross was injured in last season's playoffs, it still has a period of time to return from the comeback. So it's still a while to see Ross wearing Rose 3 in the NBA arena. (Editor: Chang fan)〈br 2015="" has="" come="" to="" an="" end,="" in="" many="" of="" the="" shoes="" on="" foot="" which="" is="" featured="" this="" year's="" boutique="" show,="" brought="" by="" sole="" collector="" top50="" screen,="" see="" a="" wear="" and="" feet="" every="" kind="" sneaker,="" have="" your="" own="" style!〈br="" ="" (more="" future;="" higher="" rank="" ); Bait x GI Joe x New Balance 574'Cobra Commander' adidas Yeezy 350 Boost'Pirate Black' Nike Vandal High Canvas'' Nike Air More Uptempo'Olympic' Li-Ning Way Of Wade 4'Liberty' Nike Air Chapuka END x Saucony Shadow 5000'Burger' Nike SB Dunk Low Pro'Jedi' CLOT x Nike Air Max 1'Kiss Of Death' Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Snake'Navy' Invincible x Asics Gel-Lyte III'Formosa' Nike Air Footscape Magista Nike LeBron 8'South B;